4.97 out of 5

I (As Co-Executor) entered in to a sellers agency agreement with Daniel to list and sell the Home of our recently departed Mother. It was truly a dark difficult time for me with the obvious grief from my loss coupled with other personal matters, the serious responsibilities of being a Co-Executor and Power of Attorney of my surviving Father in Long Term Care, and having to deal with all these responsibilities from out of Province.

I felt almost overwhelmed looking ahead and how I was going to move forward with all these duties and all from a distance but after a short conversation with Daniel with his wealth of knowledge of the local market that assured confidence and that perpetual smile that puts even the most stressed at ease I felt that I was in good hands.

Daniel was alway there with the answer to the questions I had, always went beyond expectations with assistants that an out of town client such as myself require and even at times when both my Co-executors and I may have driven a lessor realtor to waver Daniel was always there being objective and impartial with that perpetual smile and a philosophical hand on the shoulder saying ” Don’t worry we will carry on” and ” This deal is not dead this house will sell” and he was right.

The house did sell and I would love to be overzealous and say it is was me and my co-executor that were a large part of the successful, but the truth is it was almost all Daniel but Daniel being Daniel would flash that smile and say “We all worked hard to close this deal”.

Thank you for reading my opinions on Daniel and I know that if you choose Daniel as your Realtor I am sure that after your SOLD sign goes up you will be writing a similar referral letter.

Thank you for your time and have a pleasant day.

John Wheeler

4.99 out of 5

My experience with Daniel Cyr on one purchase in 2011, and one sale in 2017 was very positive. He is a committed, driven, and professional Realtor whom I would readily recommend to family and friends. 


5 out of 5

The most professional agent I have ever deal with and I have dealt with many! Daniel really knows the market and will advise you of his experience but will still listen to your needs. He is very observant to his clients needs and I would not hesitate to recommend his to any one. We had our house listed before and it never sold, Daniel got it sold in two weeks. He does not come across as aggressive but gets the job done. He is very knowledgeable in real estate and very personable too! 

Lyn & Eric

5 out of 5

Daniel was very organized when arrived to buy our home, he had a strategic route, allowing us to visit many houses in a timely manner. This was important as we had only a week in town to find a home. When our list of homes were all visited, Daniel recommended that he show us what was available based on our needs. He showed a beautiful neighborhood in Unia Estates and we found a great home.Four years later, when we had to sell, Daniel sent a stager to tour home and he also himself made recommendations based on his experience to improve market readiness. We had an offer in less than a month, which is very good given the average home sells in approx 100 days in Halifax. Highly Recommend! Lots of experience and knows the market.


5 out of 5

Our experience with Daniel has been wonderful. He was very helpful throughout the whole process.


Shanda Grandy-Turco

5 out of 5

Daniel Cyr was extremely knowledgeable, professional and helpful throughout the entire buying process. His expertise, honesty and experience enabled us to view many home (15) in a very short period of time (2 days) and ultimately led us to the purchase of our dream home! Our realtor was very quick to respond to emails and answered any questions or concerns. He went above and beyond to assist us and to make this a positive experience. Every process was explained and every detail taken care of. We are so pleased that we made the choice of having Daniel Cyr as our realtor and would highly recommend him to any buyer.

Simon Rocheleau

5 out of 5

Nous sommes allés vers Daniel car des amis nous l’avait référés. Nous sommes très satisfaits de notre décision. Daniel était rapide à nous répondre, connaissait très bien la région et a adapté son service à la réalité de notre déménagement (militaire). Nous n’avont pas perdu de temps et le processus d’achat s’est déroulé extrèmement bien. Son opinion non-bièsée et son honnêteté nous a grandement aidé a évaluer les maisons visitées. Une fois la maison trouvée, il nous a aidé à marchander de façon efficace sans perdre de temps. Le résultat est tout simplement génial. Nous avons trouvé la maison parfaite toute en respectant notre budget, tout ça en trois jours. Merci Daniel!!

Ben Lord

5 out of 5

My wife and I were very pleased with our experience dealing with Daniel. He was extremely professional and always an email, text or phone call away and would always get back to us very promptly. We were selling in a buyers’ market where the average time to sell a house was about 4 months and Daniel got it sold for us in just a month! One of my best friends also used Daniel’s services not once but twice and was extremely satisfied with his experiences so with us now that is 3 transactions where Daniel gets top grade! I would recommend Daniel to anyone who wants to sell quickly on a heart beat! Thanks for everything Dan – you are a King!

Mon épouse et moi avons été très satisfaits de notre expérience de vente avec Daniel. Il a toujours été très professionnel et très rapide pour répondre à toutes nos questions que ce soit par courriel, messages texte ou encore au téléphone. Nous vendions notre maison dans un marché d’acheteurs où les maisons prenaient en moyenne 4 mois à se vendre et Daniel a vendu la nôtre en seulement 1 mois! Un bon ami à moi a aussi utilisé Daniel à deux reprises dans le passé et a été très satisfait de ses expériences donc maintenant avec nous ça fait trois transactions où Daniel obtient une note parfaite! Je recommende fortement les services de Daniel à quiconque désire vendre sa maison rapidement et ce sans hésitation! Merci pour tout Dan, t’es un King!

Thierry Gendron

5 out of 5

Daniel Helped us find a very nice house and got us to sell it in less then 30 days he is awesome. Would recommend him any day French or English.

Davina Milton

5 out of 5

Daniel has helped us to purchase two homes and sell one. He is a true professional who cares for his clients. We feel his use of a home staging consultant and photographer definitely helped to sell our home quickly at a price we are happy with.
We would recommend Daniel to anyone for their real estate needs!

Gabrielle Bondu

5 out of 5

Nous sommes une famille militaire et cela fût très simple d’acheter et de vendre avec Daniel.

Christine Baurin

5 out of 5

Working with Daniel was nothing short of outstanding! A first rate experience – throughout both the buying and the selling process! Daniel was always professional, flexible, personable and I especially appreciated his quick responses to our questions, texts, emails, and phone calls.

He is someone who looks after his clients, is straightforward, and honest. Daniel truly represented US throughout the entire process.

It truly was a great experience working with him! I “CYRiously” will (and have) recommended Daniel to anyone who is interested in having a realtor with an exceptional knowledge of the HRM real estate market.

Bertrand Lambert

5 out of 5

Un superbe travail de sa part, dévoué, un exemple à suivre.

Janet Charlton

5 out of 5

Daniel was exceptional. The agent we had always used was not able to take
our listing but recommended Daniel to us. It says a lot about a person
when someone from your own profession regards you highly.

Right from the start, we were impressed. He brought in a stager for
recommendations and a professional photographer for pictures and videos.
Daniel was clearly personable, knowledgeable, and professional.

We gave Daniel an almost impossible task, as we were to be moving out of
the province shortly thereafter, so we knew he’d spend most of the contract
promoting a house which was no longer furnished in a drastically terrible
market. Yet, he rose to the occasion and there was considerable traffic
through with the result that it sold, with all our thanks to Daniel.

We thought it would be tricky to deal with the details from such a
distance, but Daniel sent us all our documents via software that allowed us
to sign and return online, he kept in touch with us constantly through
texts, and he had a 1-800 number for us to call whenever we wished without
long-distance charges. We were impressed by his use of technology.

Daniel was also recommended to us because of his military background, as he
has many connections with military and RCMP transfers. It was also a real
asset in this community that he is bilingual, as the city’s francophone
school is in our neighbourhood and would attract many potential buyers to
the area.

We can’t say enough good things about Daniel. We would recommend him
highly to anyone needing to sell, even in this tricky market.

Gates L'Italien

5 out of 5

My agent went well above what i expected from an Agent…..I had other dealing prior to this transaction and with other house purchases in the past and never was I served so professional as with Daniel Cyr. I even drop an agent because of his lack of understanding into what i was looking for and went with Daniel as a reference from another client and I was very very satisfied of my move to him. I would have him again as my agent in any other transactions without hesitation. You are looking for an agent that listens to your search in a property? Don’t hesitate with this guy, he not only listens he even recommends and also guides you from start to finish in every aspect of the purchase.


5 out of 5

When we started looking for a house in Halifax, we ventured out on our own without an agent, but desperately wanted to find one we could trust that had a great amount of experience. Well, we found him. Daniel was the sellers agent on a property we viewed, and as soon as we started discussing the property with him, we knew he was a great guy. Daniel was, at all times, extremely helpful, professional, knowledgeable and most importantly to us, honest and friendly.

Daniel earned our trust very fast, and was always open to talking about and showing other properties in the area we were looking. Never once did we feel pressured, and Daniel always left us to make a decision on our own that we felt best suited our needs. On top of all of this, Daniel was a great communicator and we were able to communicate via all forms i.e. Text, email, phone etc, which really suited our lifestyles and work schedules. Daniel always made an effort to ensure our needs were met, and our questions were answered. He was always there for us, no matter the time of day.

It was an easy call making Daniel our agent to purchase our new home and we would highly recommend him to any of our friends and colleagues looking to buy or sell. Daniel is an absolute gentleman and was a pleasure to deal with at all times. We can assure you that we will use Daniel again, without a doubt.

Ross Calder

4.71 out of 5

I was very pleased with Daniel Cyr’s real estate services. He is very knowledgeable and professional. He, along with his team, were very helpful with staging and preparing our home for sale. He gave us a realistic idea of what to expect from the process.

I was most impressed that he had my best interests in mind. We first accepted a conditional offer on our house from one of his buyers. Later, this conditional offer fell through and we sold our house to a buyer that was not one of his buyers. He did not earn a commission from his buyer and we received a better offer for our house.

Also, I had originally planned to buy a house with Daniel Cyr, but I later changed my mind and decided on a rental. Mr Cyr was supportive of my decision, even though he again lost a commission because I did not buy a house with his services.

My only minor complaint was that early in the process of selling our house, Mr Cyr primarily communicate with my wife and I was not always kept informed. This error was corrected early on.

I would highly recommend Daniel Cyr for real estate services and ability. It is also worth noting that it has been a buyers market over the last few months. We were still able to sell our home within 90 days and we were quite happy with the final offer on our home.

Sylvie Pluta

5 out of 5

Daniel was a great agent! His service is excellent. He is very professional and he is very easy to deal with. His response time when you have a questions is very fast. I also liked the weekly contact and timely feedback after showings. I would recommend Daniel to anyone.

Eric Mourant

5 out of 5

If it wasn’t for Daniel, we would have purchased a house that was much less than what was available on the market.

We owe a lot to Daniel for his expert services.

Sean Vivier-Archambault

5 out of 5

Daniel Cyr was very helpful. Always answered questions, calls and texts promptly. Speaks both French and English and negotiated very well. He was honest, knowledgeable and always ready to help. He had all the information needed to buy a property. He referred us both a home inspector and a lawyer who also worked very well. I recommend Daniel Cyr to anyone looking to purchase a home!

Josée Leblanc

5 out of 5

Daniel is an excellent Agent! He is honest and he gives you all the information needed to sell or buy a property. We’ve listened to all his advise and he sold both of our houses while maintaining a friendly approach. All done in a very short period of time. He is really fast to respond to any questions or concerns. Thanks Dan!

Il offre un excellent service en français et à la hauteur de nos attentes. Ayant fait affaire avec plusieurs agents dans différentes provinces, je n’hésite pas à le recommander comme le meilleur agent dans la région d’Halifax. Vous ne perdrez pas votre temps et un service hors pair! Merci Daniel!

Jean Sebastien

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